Wednesday, 16 October 2013

BERRETT,D (2012) How 'flipping' the classroom can improve the traditional lecture. The Chronicle of higher education , 19th feb

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"students are effectively educating each other"
"it means they're in control and not me"
Quotes from page 1

Students may dislike the idea of flipped classroom learning because they don't physically get the material from the lesson and they may have to find it themselves.

Students think of it to much like homework

make university's wonder if they should deliver lectures as flipped learning allows students to work at their own pace and to their own strategies. 

Budgets make it difficult to decrease class sizes and have more seminars rather than lectures . students don't often get enough teachers attention.
"class size is not the most important factor in teaching this way" Page 3

"research by Ms Rhea and two colleagues suggests that teaching methods have led to greater gains in conceptual understanding"

you want the students to enjoy the class and succeed. flipped learning is better for this

"its a whole different paradigm of teaching" page 6

"once you engage the students minds theres eagerness to learn to be right , to master" Page 5  

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